Gotcha’s of Money
Annihilating The Middle Class

Americans are facing a very serious financial crisis.

From the top of our government down to the kitchen table of single parent families, many Americans are dealing with some of the biggest financial challenges that we’ve ever faced.   

They are asking questions, important questions like:

Unfortunately, they aren’t finding many good answers.

Before We Continue…
Be encouraged. This is NOT all “doom and gloom”. I’m going to be showing you how to turn these times of economic trouble, like the ones we are experiencing today, into absolutely enormous wealth.

I’m going to show you how to take advantage of the single greatest wealth transfer in history that is happening at this very moment.

I’m also going to share with you some of the “secrets” of the rich and how they really protect and grow their money.

“There are seven major challenges or roadblocks that Americans are facing today on their way to Financial Independence”. P.B.D. said with a serious tone.

He called them “GOTCHA’s” because they act as financial TRAPS for most people.

And here’s the thing: 

It doesn’t matter what a person’s income is currently, or what it has been in the past, if they don’t shield themselves and sidestep these 7 financial traps, their future income as well as their financial independence and peace of mind is severely at risk.

In 2007, 2008 many rich people and the majority of the middle class whose wealth was in the stock market and real estate – millions of people – were wiped out financially. 

So what are these “gotcha’s”?

P.B.D. explained them to us by telling us a story of two brothers, Jerry and Simon. 

Jerry and Simon grew up in Wausau, Wisconsin. Simon is 9 years older than Jerry.

They were brought up in a good loving family of modest means that taught them the value of hard work, integrity, serving your fellow man and paying your taxes.

Their father was a Baptist Minister and their mom was a fourth grade teacher.

They both played sports in High School, Simon went to college and graduated with honors and a law degree.

He was quickly recruited by a prestigious Bank Manager that specialized in Land Loans, and his future seemed bright, career path well-defined and early retirement guaranteed.

Jerry went to Trade School and became a Welder.

They both married their high school sweethearts and they both had three kids.

Both men were successful in their careers, working hard all their lives. Both earned substantial incomes.

Yet one always struggled financially. The other would become one of the richest men in Wisconsin.

“If you thought you were doing something right, and later it turned out to be wrong, when would you want to know?”

Another thought provoking question that P.B.D. threw out at us.

Although both Jerry and Simon had tremendous respect for education and learning, they disagreed about what they thought was important to learn and had very different points of view about money. 

Belief always drives behavior. 

This obviously influenced and drove their behavior when dealing with financial challenges in their lives.  

Let’s look at how each of them dealt with these gotcha’s as they showed up in their lives… 



  • Believes “Life happens to me.”
  • Plays the money game to not lose.
  • Wants to be rich.
  • Always thinking small.
  • Focuses on obstacles.
  • Resents rich and successful people.
  • Associates with negative or unsuccessful people.
  • Thinks negatively about selling and promotion.
  • Feels he’s smaller than his problems.
  • Is a poor receiver.
  • Chooses to get paid based on time.
  • Focuses on his working income.
  • Mismanages his money well.
  • Lets fear stop him.

Secondary Content

Add all six of these “Gotcha’s” together and you can clearly understand why P.B.D. gave us the staunch warning that day….

Because this is the future that awaits 98% of Americans.

Not because it has to be, but simply because most are asleep.

They are so caught up in the EVENTS of their daily lives, not thinking beyond the weekend – that they have missed the “truth” of the situation.

And that truth is that today, taxes, debt, and inflation are the iron shackles that bind modern-day slaves. That employees are controlled by the ultra-rich through the dependency of money via a job or a salary.

P.B.D. said, “It’s no wonder why there is such an incredible difference between the wealthy and the middle class in this country.”

“There are tax-saving advantages and strategies available that are incredibly effective. The problem is that typically, only the ultra-wealthy research and implement them. The middle class gets brainwashed into following the status quo with qualified plans like 401(k)s. They are getting crushed by taxes and never get ahead that way.” 

When zoomed out this is obvious.

But it’s easily forgotten when in the weeds of the daily battle. 

Simon can’t see this obvious truth. 

Jerry can.

However, these gotcha’s are not really the problems themselves but they are actually the nasty symptoms of something far worse – not having your financial house built the right way.

You must use the right tools and materials to build your house, not flimsy materials that most are using that expose them to the elements.

You must also build it in the right order.   

Jerry builds his house with leveraged assets for the long term.

He built his financial house the right way, the first time. 

And when you build it right the first time, you don’t have to rebuild it again and again.

P.B.D. then went on to share the five parts to building a financial house the right way.

Millionaires are made as a result of “choice & attitude.”  he said.

“The good news is that you get to choose today how you are going to operate, think and behave – as Simon or Jerry. It’s just a decision. And it’s all on you.”

“It’s incredible to see your net worth double or triple in just a few short years; knowing that you are creating a nest egg protected from market downturns that can provide tax-free cash flow without the government’s sticky fingers taxing it. It’s gratifying to pay off debts and release yourself from those heavy obligations”.

Before I share the five parts of a solid financial house with you, I need you to know that these are not your typical recommendations from “financial advisors” looking to take your money.

Wall Street is the only place that people ride to in a Rolls Royce to get advice from those who take the subway.

Most people get financial advice from sales people, not rich people. That is why most people lose money.

Financial advisors are in the business of making money off of your money. Their primary business objective is to grow assets under management (AUM) because the more assets under their control, the more they make. 

That means they’re in the sales business, not the investment expert business.

They’re compensated to sell you stocks, mutual funds, and other investment products. They get paid management fees and transaction fees regardless if your investment makes money or loses money. 

Higher fees and expenses mean more profits for them, but lower returns for you. 

Their objectives aren’t aligned with yours.

P.B.D. has nothing against sales people. Instead he said: “It is up to the investor to know the difference between good financial advice and a sales pitch.” 

Numerous conflicts cause advisors to give you extremely biased financial advice. Worse yet, there are so many shortcomings in the standard plans produced by the general advisory profession that they’re all but useless.

The truth is you need a Wealth Plan, not a Financial Plan.  

Unfortunately, when you try to build your wealth based on biased half-truths the result is usually failure (as the statistics prove). 

Now, on the next page I’m going to introduce you to what I call “The Dirty Little Secret of IBRP”

And trust me when I say this…

Chances are that this one single wealth building and protection strategy alone will help you reach your retirement and financial independence goals FASTER than any other strategy being taught by anyone on the planet.

Now, I know that’s a bold statement, but I’ll prove it to you!

In order for you to get consistent, predictable results using IBRP, you’ve got to fully understand WHAT it is and HOW to use it properly or the whole thing will backfire in your face.  

Okay, so again,  stick with me here and I’ll break down EXACTLY how to approach IBRP in the right way so you can avoid being disappointed if you try to use this strategy incorrectly.

Now let me share with you the five parts you need to build a proper financial house.

Let’s start with the first one, which is the most important…  

Let’s Continue…